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Veronica Doleman
Your Wandering Guide

I have so many amazing things to share about Taylor. From the first moment I joined her group, I knew I had stumbled upon someone very special. Her enthusiasm, honesty, and authenticity shine through in everything she puts out, whether it is free or a paid service.

Some of the successes I had as a result of the program (literally in the first week or two of starting the work): quadrupled my client base, increased the cost of my favourite service so it aligned energetically, and started getting paid clients at my aligned price points. The program helped me identify some interesting stories I had been telling myself about money, success, and entrepreneurship.

Another thing I love about Taylor is her discovery calls about her programs. She helps you figure out what will work for you, and will be honest if something isn’t the right fit. That to me just speaks about her integrity and passion for her coaching work. Thank you so much Taylor, for your ongoing encouragement and support. You changed my life and as a result I am so blessed to be helping others along their own spiritual paths!

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Jessica Peña, Social Media & Pinterest Manager
Revived Socials

Can I just gush about Taylor for a second?

Okay but seriously, Taylor is such an incredible coach, there aren't even words!

Even just being part of her money mindset program and some of her challenges and being her friend in general, I've found anger and fire and learned to feel into them and use them in my life with love. I discovered boundaries and setting them is actually easy now- where before I'd literally do anything rather than set a boundary.

I've learned that when I set boundaries, I can do it with love. And I can also walk away when those boundaries are disrespected, and I can be angry if I need to be, and I can still be living in the love and expansiveness and mindfulness that I value so highly. It's not mean to set boundaries- mind blown.

Taylor, I freakin' love you. Thank you for being such a beautiful model of passion and fearlessness and showing me the incredible value of being a woman who knows how and when to get fired up! Thank you for teaching me to love myself in ways I never knew were even an option. Thank you for the impact you've had on my relationships with my family and friends. You've been such a wonderful gift in my life, and your clients are stepping into some serious power when they work with you.

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Raven Stevenson, Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach
Current Flow Coaching

I never realized how strong and unstoppable I could become with Taylor! She says everything like it is and she pushes you because she knows what it feels like.

Taylor is relatable on so many levels. She helped me get my business up and running with little to no cost, she gave me advice and suggestions on marketing strategies, as well as how to overcome the fear of "how". I recognized immediately with her that the "how" was holding me back and I needed to start focusing more on my "why". My shift in focus on the "why" completely changed my life and my business.

I highly recommend Taylor! If the star system had an "infinity" marked down, Taylor would be infinity and beyond. I love her and her coaching style so much! Thank you Taylor!

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Christine Totszollosy
Holistic Health & Transformation Support Coach

After doing a session with Taylor and after her asking me what had changed, I was forced to think about what really had changed and I realized that I had been reacting out of a scarcity and fear mindset, instead of a mindset of abundance and assurance that I would get what I am/was looking for....

Well, I started trying to focus on thinking out of the abundance mindset, and so far, things are more abundant and joyful than what they have been in weeks in that area where I was having the issue! I realize now just how important our thoughts are in influencing our actions! Thank you, Taylor!

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"Being a multi-passionate person; I felt lost and confused about what to do and focus on. I felt alone and misunderstood by others but after participating in one of her calls, she gave me clarity and helped me find my true passion. Not only does she genuinely care for her clients, Taylor is able to provide tools to help people reach their potential. I highly recommend Taylor especially for those who feel confused about what career path to follow"

- Diana Arguello

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“Taylor is a true gift when it comes to coaching. She is authentic, intuitive and supportive. I had answers after working with her when I had only doubts & fears when I went into her program. She helps you cut through the ‘stuff’ and get to what matters.”

- Betty Skinner

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“I cannot say enough great things about Taylor! For anyone who feels stuck, afraid, or lost, please consider Taylor's coaching program. I am still surprised by how much I was able to get out of only a month in her program. She embodies patience, clarity, and encouragement.”

- Anonymous