I'm Taylor Eaton - a mindset and business coach for online female entrepreneurs. It’s my mission to help you make your business and life simple, profitable, and wildly fun.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I've always been driven and ruthless in my pursuit of the things I'm passionate about: writing, languages, and traveling (just to name a few!).

And it was no different for me when I started my online coaching business. I dove in full force, ready to sign clients and change lives.

But…none of that happened. Not right away.

I got caught up in the “rules” that other experts were telling me about what it took to run a successful business.

I committed my time and money to setting up complicated strategies and fancy funnels that…wait for it…didn’t create any revenue for me.

In fact, I lost money by trying to create complex strategies that I thought would magically unlock the floodgates to all the dream clients, money, and freedom I’d been dreaming of.

And after months of making just a few hundred dollars here and there in my business, I started to get discouraged.

I let myself believe that I wasn't Skilled enough to make it as an entrepreneur. I started to think that I wasn’t deserving of the money, impact, and freedom I desired.

I thought I was missing some big secret that would unlock my success.

Maybe a new sales script?

Maybe hiring a copywriter?

Maybe rebranding my business?

Don’t get me wrong, strategy, copywriting, and branding are all important components of a successful business. But they aren’t what was missing for me. And my guess is that they’re not what’s missing for you.

Because really, when it came down to it all, the thing that I needed to change wasn’t some strategy…it was my mindset.

It wasn’t just that something in my business had to change - it was that I had to change.

So I committed to reprogramming my mind. I stepped into the role of a leader. I embraced my full power and learned how to manage my energy. I became unstoppable.

And that’s when my business started gaining traction. That was when I started signing clients. That’s when my audience exploded. That’s when the money started flowing.

And just 6 months into my business, I was able to leave my day job to run my business full time.

And 6 months after that, my husband left his day job and we moved across the country to our dream location and dream home.

Now I work when I want, how I want, and where I want. I’ve created my dream business and life…and I’m here to help you do the same.


Here’s the truth of what it takes to run a successful business and live a freedom lifestyle:

You have to be willing to grow into a different version of you.

More than that, you have to be willing to shed all the things (the rules, the stories, the beliefs, the strategies - all of it) that are keeping you from having that thriving business, the dream clients, and the life of total fun & freedom.

And while I believe that mindset is wildly important, I also believe that creating simple strategies that come from your soul will set you up for even more success.

Yes, you need strategy. Yes, you need mindset. But it all gets to be fun. it all gets to be easy. If you let it be.

My philosophy is that your business should be fulfilling, fun, and wildly profitable.

Everything you do in your business needs to feel good to you. Because when you love every aspect of your business, you show up as the most magnetic version of yourself (the version of you that people line up to work with).


Enough about me! Are you ready to create the business and life of your dreams?

You are so incredibly deserving of the business and life that you desire. Of the ease, the fun, the money, the dream clients, the freedom - all of it! And you are more than capable of making that happen.

So if you're ready for something more and want to make some big changes, feel free to check out my coaching services, grab one of my self-paced courses, or join me in The Fired Up + Fearless Facebook group for free trainings and an awesome, supportive community.  Let's make your business and life fun!